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My name is Kaio Magalhães. I have the following qualities:

  • I rock a great mustache
  • I know some good jokes
  • I do an awesome sandwich
  • I breakdance fight

What else do you need?

my history

I’ve started as a software developer after two years doing Biological Sciences. I was born to be a crazy scientist ( I discovered it when I was 6 ), but I’m too stubborn to accept how things are, so I decided to be a Software Engineer, and that was when my disruption work started.

I got a bachelor in Software Engineering at the Universidade Federal de Goiás in 2016.

My journey began in 2011 when I was a teacher in a tiny college in Goiânia and I had to make all my classes diaries by hand. Every two months I had to write dots for 300 students. I then saw that I was in charge of a mission to find a way to make this process better.

My first software never went into production because of three months after I drop out from that college and from the University only to enter again, but for a Software Engineer Bachelor this time.

So far I’ve worked with a lot of projects in a lot of different languages like PHP, C#, Java, Javascript, Groovy, and Ruby.

With a lot of frameworks like Grails, Rails, React and NodeJS.

For a lot of platforms like Desktop, WEB, Android, and Hololens.

I have worked as a Linux DevOps as well.

I love programming related topics like code quality, software engineer, best practices, design patterns and I write about it always that I have time to.

To be honest, I’m having some trouble remembering right now, so why don’t you check out this blogpost,it will answer all your questions.